Families Therapy

The goals of family therapy depend on the presenting problems of the clients.

For example, the goals differ based on family conflict, blended families and stepfamilies, child and adolescent behavioral problems and loss/grief.

Other conflicts can include poor generational patterns repeating themselves: anger, alcohol, addictive patterns, poor communication and coping skills, trauma and PTSD, abuse, the inability to connect/be present in the family, or divorce.

When one person in the family experiences difficulties, the whole family is affected.

Because we share our lives, our love, and often our homes with other family members, we may also share their pain.

Unfortunately, what starts out as compassion — especially in a family that struggles with boundary setting and clear communication — can end up in dysfunction.

This can result in pain and disconnection for the entire family.

Family therapy offers a nurturing place for families to communicate their concerns.

They can share their feelings and learn a new way of dealing with old problems.

Family therapy helps you and other members improve communication and coping skills to manage family conflicts and understand each members’ differences. It helps each member of the family sustain a sense of self, in the midst of a conflict, while maintaining a connection to the family.

Family therapy allows the conversation to slow down, so each member can listen without being triggered, which usually result in hard feelings or resentments.

We try to reveal an understanding of how different family members attach meaning to their own experiences, and other members of the family’s experiences will open the way for awesome intervention and positive change.

The family is a system.

Most family counseling takes place as a result of the parent(s) bringing their child in for treatment because of disruptive behavior or a mood disorder. And since families work as a system, the good news is, when one of the members (such as the child) makes even the smallest of positive changes, the whole system can change for the better as well.

But for lasting change to take place, family counseling is ideal.

With a solution-focused approach, our therapists will help improve the communication patterns among family members and help each member with personal “boundaries.”

We’ll also assist the family with formulating goals and developing a plan for lasting behavior change.

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